In this village you can get as much milk as you want for free

In this era of dearness and marketing where even water is not available for free, there is a village in Gowalia, India where free milk is available and this is all you need. Because the sale of milk has been banned in this village for centuries. Apart from this, 90% of the village is inhabited by shepherds.

In this village you can get as much milk as you want for free

People here do not even think of taking money for milk. The name of this unique village is Chudiya, where this tradition has been going on for about 100 years. Every house in this village has a pet cow and 2.5 liters of milk is produced daily. Still people give milk for free.

We also have to spend money to drink a glass of milk every day, but Chudiya village of Madhya Pradesh is a place where you do not have to pay for milk. You can get as much Milk Free as you want from this village. Because selling milk is prohibited in this village of Gowalia. Villagers believe that 100 years ago a saint of the village had banned the sale of milk here, which people are still maintaining.

In this village you can get as much milk as you want for free

This is the reason why milk is available for free

The villagers say that in 1912, a saint lived in this village who was a great cow-helper. He advised the villagers that selling adulterated milk is a sin, so no one will sell milk in the village and people will be given free milk. The saint's words are proving to be a text written on stone and even today, after 100 years, milk is available for free in the village.

In this village you can get as much milk as you want for free

The most surprising thing is that 90% of the people here are shepherds who have a lot of cows. If they want, they can earn huge profits by selling thousands of liters of milk every day, but due to traditions, the greed in their hearts is destroyed forever.

The village has another unique tradition

Not only milk but fruits like mango and jalapenos are also available for free in this village. It is said that whoever came here and tried to do milk business, got ruined. That is why the idea of ​​selling milk does not come to anyone here. Considering the saint's command as their destiny, the people of the village are still happily serving the people.

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